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    Autodesk Maya

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    Autodesk Maya

    Eric Keller does it again with another wonderful, easy to follow book on CG artistry. From creating a flowering tree using particles to melting a prop in a characters hand, to using Maya fur to create crop circles.

    This book is full of tricks for create animated effects in Maya. WARNING many of the lessens in this book will require using mel scripting. The mel scripts used to create these effects are included, but your going to need to type them into the script editor yourselves. I know that may be a deal breaker for some, however to better understand what the scripts are actually doing, it's better to type them out rather then just copy and paste. If using Mel Script scares you, your probably not ready for this book just yet. Who should read this book? 3D modelers who are ready to take their work to.

    Autodesk Maya

    With new enhancements in character creation and an ongoing focus on stability, Autodesk Maya 2019 software helps artists work faster and more efficiently. Autodesk Maya 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software offers artists a comprehensive creative toolset. These tools provide a starting point to realize your vision in modeling, animation, lighting, and VFX.

    This is my first book I have bought from Todd Palamar and my first book I have bought about Maya. After 8 years of using 3D software I am finally transitioning to Maya.

    This book is amazing. I have read about 450pgs now. Each page is full of mini tutorials that get you moving all across the program.

    Each tutorial has a scene file that is associated with it via a download. This book will not teach you what every single button does. But it will teach you how to use the editors and get going. Maya is a huge program. Its like going to walmart and finding something new.

    You have been there a million times and still find something new. Paint?trackid=sp-006. Well this book is like a guide through all the isles and what they sell. If you are looking for a good book. Apple Aperture. Amazing integration of parametric design process with the powerful creative facilities in Maya.

    I had been waiting for a book exactly like this but had not found it since the topic is an amalgam of high-powered concepts for creating unique art and structures. Only someone like the author who evidently has delved deeply into how Maya features enable parametric modeling through automation, animation, simulation and even fabrication could deliver this tour de force that will open up a new universe of creative possibilities beyond typical 3D modeling. I'm already applying these techniques to great effect.