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    Cab File Creator

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    mac os x 107 32 bit download

    Free Cab File Maker 2.0 Download. Secure Download Here Now! Cab File Maker is a simple program to make MS.CAB files. I want to create cab file of a folder and its files by powershell. I tried below script but it is giving me error. Param( $filepath = 'D: Script', $path = 'D: Script', [switch]$deb.

    Winzip. During our on-going development of online updateable Powershell help (more on that later) you quickly come to realise that each culture-specific set of help files is stored within its own 1980’s style cabinet ( file. When packing files for release, I like to automate (if you hadn’t already guessed!) as it makes things quick, easy and certainly less error prone. Working files in Powershell requires use of MAKECAB.EXE which, fortunately, is distributed with each edition of Windows. In the good ol’ days we could use the MakeCab.MakeCab.1 COM object, but this has been deprecated since Windows Vista. I had a quick Google and couldn’t find anything easily reusable (except Ed Wilson’s here) and thus this blog post.

    I set to work, creating a Powershell advanced function that would easily allow me to package each culture-specific help file (or one or more files) into its own cabinet file. It would probably be more prudent to utilise.NET’s StringBuilder class but performance is not (currently) an issue or priority! You never know I might come back and show you how we use this with in the future Here are some examples of how you can use it.

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    There are 3 simple steps to create a cabinet file with multiple files. Create a folder with all files that you want to include in cabinet file. Create a directive file using a template. Fill the name of the files to be included in that cabinet. (detail is given below) 3. Run MakeCab in command line. Simple directive file mentioned in step#2 looks like this. Notice that files to include are written in bold.