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    Dbase For Windows

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    Dbase For Windows

    REVIEW: dBASE 5.0 for Windows; A Product Review (Part 1) dBASE 5.0 for Windows; A Product Review (Part 1) Software Review by dBASE (originally developed by Ashton Tate) is probably the most widely used database management program available. With the release of version 5.0, dBASE has finally made it's way into the Windows environment. Users of dBASE III+ and dBASE IV will appreciate dBASE for Windows' compatibility with applications developed using those versions.

    Addition of Windows 8 and Server 2012 platform support to ensure your dBASE applications will continue to run on the latest operating systems. DBASE PLUS 8 with ADO is a rapid application development environment that includes a modern object oriented programming language (dBL) that runs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows, including the latest version of Windows 8.

    Many of the features available in dBASE for Windows are solely for the purpose of managing files and applications developed with those older versions. System Requirements: Running dBASE for Windows requires a minimum 386 processor, VGA or SVGA monitor with the appropriate graphics adaptor and a mouse. The documentation states that a minimum of 6Mb RAM is required and 8Mb recommended; personally, I would not advise running ANY Windows application with less than 12Mb RAM. Also required are DOS 3.1 or later or a compatible operating system and Windows 3.1 running in enhanced mode. DBASE for Windows supports the following multi-user environments: Netware 3.11, 3.12, 4.01; Personal Netware (Novell DOS 7); Banyon Vines 5.5; IBM LAN Server 3.0; MS LAN Manager 2.2 and Lantastic 6.0.

    Use of the IBM LAN Server requires special configurations that are outlined in the README.TXT file included on the master disk. Full installation of all components requires 24Mb of hard disk space, minimum installation requires 10Mb.

    In addition, you will need 1.5Mb of free work space on your Windows drive. You will need to allow a 20% margin of free disk space if working from a compressed disk. Price: Borland's suggested retail price for dBASE for Windows is $400. A quick check of local software retailers revealed a price range of $330 to $390.

    Zoo Tycoon Pc Full Version. The mail order price range is $325 to $340. Licensing Agreement: As with all copyrighted material, there are restrictions on how dBASE for Windows may be used.

    With the exception of being able to make an archival backup, dBASE for Windows may be used just like a book. This means that you are free to move it from one computer or location to another as long as there is no possibility that it will be used by more than one person at a time, just as a book can be read by only one person at a time.

    Multi-user packs are available at a cost of $375 per individual or $3,710 for a 10-user package. A quick comparison with the figures listed above will show that it would be less expensive to buy each user their own individual copy of the software. Distribution of your own applications is permitted in executable form only, source code may not be distributed. Borland is in the process of developing a Windows Distribution Kit that will allow distribution of certain DLL's along with your applications; for an additional $295. Documentation: dBASE for Windows is well documented.

    It is my opinion that many software packages (including some of Borland's) suffer from serious documentation overkill; this is not true of dBASE for Windows. The seven volumes of printed documentation are well organized and easy to use. They are structured in such a way as to not be intimidating to the inexperienced database user or even the Windows beginner, or boring to the professional database expert.

    Online documentation includes Windows-style context sensitive help files and a series of interactive tutorials that are quick and easy to follow and will allow you to develop actual dBASE tables and applications with real data while you learn. Installation: Complete installation takes 24 minutes and requires 24Mb of disk space.