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    Evernote Web For Google Chrome

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    Source: Introduction. Evernote is a big complex ecosystem of capabilities. A veritable bullion cube of GTD possibilities. This howto shows how to add the Evernote Web Clipper to your Google Chrome web browser. Evernote is an online note-taking utility that you can use to save notes and ideas in the cloud. Lux Delux there. You can access your Evernote account across a number of different devices, and you can create notebooks inside your account to organize your information. Clip, don't bookmark. Web Clipper is a browser extension that lets you save any web page, article, or image into Evernote. Download now.

    Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET On paper, Evernote sounds fairly mundane. Magic Photo Editors on this page. An information organizer, woo-hoo.

    Then, after you use it for a while, you cannot imagine how you functioned without it. For example, I use the service to preserve and organize things like recipes, instruction manuals, home-repair records, and receipts for major purchases. Most of these items were 'clipped' from Web pages using the Evernote plug-in for my browser, though that process has always been a little clunky.

    The Evernote 'clipper' basically just sucked up whatever page I was viewing, giving me few options besides adding tags. The new transforms the clipping experience with a new design and loads of useful features. Here's a rundown of what you can expect. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET If you haven't already, install the Evernote Web Clipper in Chrome (using the link above).

    Evernote Web Clipper Google Chrome Download

    Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. How to install Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension

    Evernote Web For Google Chrome

    Once that's done, you should see a small elephant-head icon in your toolbar: When you click that elephant, you'll see the new Web Clipper sidebar slide out from the right. (You may need to sign into your Evernote account first.) Do this on whatever page you want to preserve. The sidebar is divided into three main sections: Clip, Markup, and File. By default, Evernote will clip the full page: ads, photos, and everything. But you can click Article to get just the body, or Simplified Article for an even more stripped-down version (text and embedded images only). Alternately, click Bookmark or Screenshot if that's all you want from the page.

    Evernote Web For Google Chrome

    (Unfortunately, the latter captures only the visible portion of the page, not the entire thing.). Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET The Markup section will change slightly depending on what kind of clip you choose.

    For example, if you opt for a full page or article, you'll see an HTML Highlighter you can use to mark specific words or passages. But if you're grabbing a screenshot, that tools becomes an Image Highlighter, which is more like a paint tool. This section also lets you add arrows, stamps, and text; just click the tool you want, then click inside the clipped page to insert the desired item.

    There's also a Pixelator tool you can use to blur (well, pixelate) certain areas, though works solely with the screenshot option. Depending on the Markup tool you've selected, you may also see Color and Zoom buttons.

    The File section is where you choose the notebook you want to use to store the clip (you'll see your default notebook listed; click it if you want to choose a different) and add any tags you might want.

    Evernote offers an interesting alternative to bookmarks, sharing, and other less-than-ideal means of saving Web content. It stores Web content permanently in a free online account that lets you access your saved stuff from your PC, laptop, phone, or other device. With the free Evernote Web Clipper extension for Google Chrome you can access your Evernote account from inside Chrome via the address bar. We tried it in Chrome and Chrome Plus, and we liked it a lot in both. But then, Evernote is designed to work with just about anything and everything, and not just Web browsers. Evernote Web Clipper for Google Chrome, like other Chrome extensions, can be installed quickly, easily, and painlessly.

    It placed the green-backed Evernote elephant icon on the Chrome address bar; we clicked it and signed in to Evernote. Once signed in, we could save content directly by clicking the Evernote icon or by right-clicking the area we wanted to save and selecting Evernote's file-saving options from the context menu. If you haven't signed up for an Evernote account, that too is quick, easy, and free.

    It's pretty cool, too; you can save just about anything, including non-Web-based content. It lets you write and save notes and to-do lists, store pictures and other files, view PDFs, and more; but the best part is that you can access your stuff anytime, anywhere, from just about anything compatible with an Evernote app. Chrome is fast and free, but what makes it special is the ever-growing list of interesting extensions that integrate easily, even seamlessly, and add useful capabilities without slowing down your browsing. The Evernote Web Clipper extension is a perfect example. All it does is make it easier to use Evernote with Chrome, but that ain't a bad trick, in our book.