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    What’s an ideal antivirus? Something that would feature the following: • 100% protection from malware; • 0% false positives; • 0% load on system resources; • No questions asked of the user; and • Lasts forever and is for free! Like anything ideal though, this is of course a fantasy – quite unattainable in real life. But it’s nevertheless still worthwhile contemplating since it provides a fixed reference point for security developers: every company can then try to get as close to the ideal as it can within the limits of its financial and professional resources. Some developers invest in virus labs, automation, and breakthrough technologies. Others (particularly free antiviruses) hardly invest in anything and release functionally mediocre products – often with lots of buttons, knobs and sliders on the interface, but which in reality are nothing more than free “fly-swatters”, which don’t get to the root of the problem at hand (comprehensive threat elimination) at all. Besides, their main antivirus functionality is commonly second-hand: they use stolen signatures detected by someone else before them and then have the gall to promote their generic%&*# at a price on a par with genuine paid-for products.

    How can the answer be improved? Windows XP Virus Simulator 2017 on Scratch by Austinsoevil. Add this project to a studio you curate (or remove it from a studio) Just click on the button for any of the studios from the list below.

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    All the same, even these dodgy companies aspire to an ideal product – with 100% protection, and without burdening the user with questions, resource use or dollar expenditure. Now, out of all the abovementioned five ingredients of an ideal antivirus, today I think the most interesting is the first – 100% protection from malware. But what precisely is 100% of malware? The answer is as idealistic as all the other ingredients: 100% protection from all already known and all future threats, and nothing less. On the former (full protection from known threats) the leaders of the pack in the antivirus industry have for years been hovering around the maximum mark.

    But on the latter (full protection from future threats) those same leaders of the pack can’t seem to break through the ~60% region (as you can see in the latest by AV-Comparatives [PDF]). The reason for this relatively low mark is simple: to predict the future – that is, what threats will be raining down on users next week, next month and next year – is a task that’s anything but a cakewalk. Besides, to the uninitiated this task smacks of shamanism!

    Axcrypt. And no, not the type. A very important (but unheard to the non-trained ear) percussion instrument in the shamanic orchestra of our technologies combatting unknown threats is emulator for executable files and scripts.

    This is an invention that’s rather old (its first generation for DOS appeared in our products in the early 1990s), but it has been constantly developed over the years – meaning its applicability and effectiveness are maintained. Macrosoft Paint. Basically what the emulator does is supply our with information on programs’ conduct – allowing the analyzer to discover what in fact programs get up to – with no risk to the security of a protected computer. The emulator doesn’t scan files using the usual antivirus signatures – it actually executes them. It does this in an artificial environment that emulates a real operating system.