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    Advanced Uninstaller Pro

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    Advanced Uninstaller PRO will help remove numerous items from your machine including toolbars, obsolete programs, registry items, and more. Print Managment. With Advanced Uninstaller PRO, you actually get more than just a one trick pony uninstaller as there are many other augmented functions that make it a comprehensive tool for keeping your machine clutter free. From the app, you can clean up left-over file traces, manage startup apps and services, find and delete duplicate and temp files.

    It will also assist in space conservations by activating Windows compression if necessary. You have the option to perform registry optimization as well as backup and restoration. Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes the ability to delete your browsing history as well as any record of documents opened and will help protect your privacy via its file shredding option to ensure that those files remain unrecoverable. Edit Fla Files Online on this page.

    Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the ultimate uninstaller for Windows, allowing you to uninstall programs quickly and completely using its simple and intuitive interface. With Advanced Uninstaller PRO, you have all the tools you need to uninstall programs, speed up and fix your PC, protect your privacy, remove lots of annoying plugins, toolbars and browser hijackers that other cleaning tools don’t detect and remove. Advanced Uninstaller PRO features and the Installation Monitor keep track of all changes performed to your computer during software installations.

    Advanced Uninstaller PRO helps your PC run at its full speed by taking good care of the Windows registry and services. It also helps you free disk space by detecting and removing duplicate files and helping you turn on the Windows file compression if needed. The program can delete the web browsing and document opening history in many applications, so you can surf the Internet and open images, videos and any other file without worry. It can also defend your right to privacy by shredding the files and folders you choose in such a way that they won’t ever be recovered. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is fully compatible with all service packs and all editions of operating systems. Note: 30-days trial for Premium features: Daily Health Check and Virus Scanner.

    Advanced Uninstaller Pro

    Advanced Uninstaller PRO is free software that monitors how your programs install so it can accurately back them up or remove them at a later time. Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. More than 604 downloads this month. Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro latest version 2018. Aug 10, 2017  Free Download Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.21 - Uninstall programs, remove toolbars, clean your computer's registry, and delete any left-over files w. Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.14 Activation Code is a uninstall programs tool which help you to uninstall all unwanted program from windows.