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    Alternatives To Avast

    Alternatives To Avast Average ratng: 5,6/10 6141votes

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    Avast is a popular free antivirus option, and for good reason. It offers robust malware protection — came back with a high malware-detection rate — while giving users a slew of extra options. Those of you who live in apartment blocks or have many devices on the same network can take advantage of a network scan; Avast will essentially check out your entire network and any devices connected to it, and report back to you if it notices any security issues. After all, you might not have noticed that a random laptop was a part of your network, and who knows at that point what it's up to. Add a password manager, phishing protection, behavior analysis, and game mode to the mix, and you have a great free antivirus alternative, especially if you're worried about network vulnerabilities. Thanks to AVG's clever way of verifying the legitimacy of files — it checks signatures against its ever-expanding database of known malware — it received a perfect six out of six rating from in the usability department.

    Called AVG 'the best free antivirus software' in its review. On top of potent real-time protection, AVG also delivers some great add-ons, like email protection, a firewall that keeps away ransom hackers, and payment protection when shopping online. There is no quick scan feature — a bust for some of you — but you can direct it to look at specific files and folders. Overall, the scan is quite a bit faster than most other free options, especially after you've completed an initial scan.

    Anyone looking for an able antivirus that can scan quickly and that has a lot of customizable options should consider checking out AVG. Although it was acquired by Avast in 2016, it is remaining an independent product for the foreseeable future. Avira is a favorite among many antivirus users due to a combination of exceptional protection against malware and a bunch of free add-ons you'd usually only find in paid offerings. When it comes to actually protecting your computer, gave Avira a six out of six protection score — it doesn't get much better for pure defense against malware. Performance, or how much Avira will slow down your PC, also received full marks, making it one of the least-impactful antivirus alternatives you can find. Having a low impact doesn't mean it works slowly, either. Anyone who hates watching the scan bar move slowly toward completion as you wonder whether or not your PC is infected will love how fast Avira's quick scan completes its job., in its review, said.

    CCleaner has long been one of the web's most popular PC cleanup tools, but after it was acquired by Avast and suffered a serious malware attack, many people have begun seeking alternatives. Scan And Fix My Computer For here.

    Sometimes PC users just want a solid product that doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles. Enter Bitdefender. This free version of the full antivirus suite offers the same incredible malware protection you'd receive if you paid top dollar. Found a 100 percent success rate against malware attacks when it tested the product over two months, and it also came back with a perfect usability score. Calls it 'one of the best antivirus programs available at any price.'