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    Baidu Anti Virus

    Baidu Anti Virus Average ratng: 7,8/10 8869votes

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    Baidu Anti Virus

    With its five defense layers to fight against any kind of threats in your system, Baidu is well known due to its high protection. It is fast and free to use, light on the system resources and its protection is very high. It uses three different antivirus engines to enhance its protection performance, these include Baidu antivirus, Avira and Cloud Security engines. This program also offers three scan types these being Full scan for entire system, Quick scan to scan to scan big threats and Custom scan for other problems. It runs smoothly without affecting the speed of the system and does not also occupy much space in the system. It also has five protection modules which include Browser and Homepage protection, Web protection, Download protection, System protection and USB flash drive protection. Each has its own function and duty to perform.

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    It outdoes the rest since it has a feedback menu where you can leave your feedback and also photos if need be. And in order to keep it updated it uses its cloud security data center to synchronize the program automatically and can also access quarantined programs. Having a computer security program that has been created with a five defense layer is a real deal in curbing the risk of getting your computer infected. This application thanks to the cloud and local Baidu engines the program is able to create a very elaborate defense to your computer. The program thus creates a three dimensional malware detection and elimination system that jworks like no other program.

    The program has basically 3 types of scan ranging from the quick scan that is able to look for top threats, the full scan that is able to scan through the whole system and custom scan that is able to scan on specified areas or files. The program after scanning any infected file is moved to the quarantine folder to avoid further infection spread. This program allows one to access the folder to restore a file or be able to permanently delete the same.

    This program has automatic updates and thus with every internet access the database is updated creating a very up-to-date protection for your computer. • io protect my computer against malware programs, and because of the importance I see to this A ntivirus it can protect so that my files save • personal use because this software is excellent and i really want to download it to my laptop for security and anti virus protection always. • To scan viruses and remove unwanted files so that this PC not slowdown during of making a document or to connect an internet to get more ideas and examples. • for kill virus and any thing in my computer so why you asking me wahy i want downlowd this program i hit this Qustion yA wlad el mtnaka YA m3rsen • for protection of my computer against virus and malware that infects and destroys the smooth operation of my system throughout all my different workflows.

    Review Baidu Antivirus is a free security application devoted to granting protection to your system. It has five defense layers which fight against viruses, trojans, threats and any kind of malware that may infect your PC. The most remarkable feature of Baidu Antivirus is that it uses three different antivirus engines, one of them belonging to the security giant Avira. However, this engine is disabled by default, so remember to activate it during the installation process if you want to take advantage of its realtime proactive protection. It uses three different antivirus engines, one of them from the security giant Avira Baidu Antivirus offers three types of scan: Quick, for top threats; Full, to check the entire system; or Custom, to hunt down particular problems.

    One of the features users appreciate most is that running this antivirus does not mean lowering computer performance, as it does not consume a lot of system resources. However, some of them have criticized it, claiming it lacks advanced options and does not warn users with audio or pop-up windows. Nevertheless, Baidu Antivirus includes a feedback menu in which users can report errors or make suggestions, with the possibility of even attaching a photo to clarify the issue. Getting to know its protection tools This software works to provide local and cloud defense thanks to its Baidu Antivirus Engine and Baidu Cloud Engine respectively. Both are integrated with the Avira Engine, providing three-dimensional malware detection and removal.