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    Connection Speed Monitor

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    NetWorx Bandwidth monitoring and data usage reports for Windows, macOS and Linux NetWorx is a simple, yet versatile and powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth consumption situation. You can use it to collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connections. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits specified by your ISP, or track down suspicious network activity characteristic of Trojan horses and hacker attacks. The program allows you to monitor all your network connections or just a specific network connection, such as Wireless or Mobile Broadband.

    The software also features an array of highly customisable visual and sound alerts. You can set it up to alert you when the network connection is down or when some suspicious activity — such as unusually heavy data flow — occurs.

    It can also automatically disconnect all dial-up connections and shut the system down. The incoming and outgoing traffic is represented on a line chart and logged into a file, so that you can always view statistics about your daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage and dial-up duration. The reports can be exported to a variety of formats, such as HTML, MS Word and Excel, for further analysis. Key features • Clear graphic and/or numeric display. • Usage reports, exportable to a variety of file formats, including Excel, MS Word and HTML.

    Internet Speed Monitor Free Downloads. Speed Monitoring programs for Internet connections are useful applications that measure and display your Internet, Network or Router speed. With this type of programs you can monitor traffic speed (sent and received data) for your Internet connections.

    • Close supervision of uploads and downloads. • Support of dial-up, ISDN, cable modems, ADSL, Ethernet cards, and more. • Network information and testing tools with advanced netstat that displays applications using your Internet connection. • Options to notify the user or automatically disconnect from the Internet when the network activity exceeds a certain level.

    • Speed meter to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rates. • Dial-up session journal with detailed information about every session.

    With NetWorx you can: • Find out and monitor how fast your Internet connection is and how much Internet traffic you consume. • Verify whether your ISP charges your Internet usage fairly. • Detect a suspicious network activity on your computer. • Perform simple network tests such as ping and trace route.

    • Be notified about excessive Internet usage.

    Muhammad alaa 15-Feb-11 22:27 15-Feb-11 22:27 when passing network card name to performance counter you need to check card name for invalid characters which are characters that not allowed in file name then replace it with underscore. In above example, the performance counter code should be: string name2 = name; foreach (char c in System.IO.Path.GetInvalidFileNameChars()) name2 = name2.Replace(c, '_'); adapter.dlCounter = new PerformanceCounter('Network Interface', 'Bytes Received/sec', name2); adapter.ulCounter = new PerformanceCounter('Network Interface', 'Bytes Sent/sec', name2). I know this comes a bit late. But i had the same problem some months ago, and i just couldnt figure out the problem, but then i had to reinstall my PC, and after that the performance counter worked fine??? So that got me thinking, what was the diffrens between now and then, ahhh but yes it was the Pagefile i had disabled, so i went into the computer properties, and disabled the PageFile, and wupti the program didnt work. So my conclusion was: Pagefile Disabled = Performance Counter Disabled Pagefile Enabled = Performance Counter Enabled Dont ask me how or why, but its like that on my computer. Hope it helps.

    Hi Sorry i didn't reply you sooner. The earthquake in Taiwan did cause some network connectivity problems. Google Gtalk. The memory keeps rising because network speed is sampled with performance counter in a timely fashion, and this is something I have no control over. No explicit 'Dispose' of any objects can be added.

    Internet Connection Speed Monitor Free

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    Connection Speed Monitor