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    Coolspeech free download - CoolSpeech, and many more programs.

    Contents • • • • • • Features [ ] • Listen to online news from any specified by the user. • Read local text files, rich-text files and HTML files aloud.

    Should I remove CoolSpeech by ByteCool Software? CoolSpeech is the text-to-speech player for Windows! It empowers you to experience the wonderful tex. CoolSpeech is the text-to-speech player for Windows. It empowers you to experience the wonderful text-to-speech technologies in many ways: Listen to online. Should I remove CoolSpeech by ByteCool Software? CoolSpeech is the text-to-speech player for Windows! It empowers you to experience the wonderful tex. CoolSpeech is a Text to Speech Program which is similar to Speakonia which works on most operating systems, including Windows 8. Like Speakonia, it supports all SAPI voices, meaning that Microsoft Sam, Mary and Mike can all be used with it, along with all the robosoft and male/female voices.

    • Convert a given piece of text into a spoken (.wav). • Listen to new messages from email accounts specified by the user. • Listen to every word or sentence the user has just typed anywhere in Windows. • Listen to text copied to the Windows Clipboard immediately. • Schedule files, URLs and emails to be read aloud. • Tell the current time and the date in different styles. • Support all 4.0-compliant voices.

    Awards [ ] • 'Hot File of the Day' on June 6, 2001. • 'Featured Download' on February 19, 2002. • magazine's 'November 2001 Smart Choice Award'.

    Sister product [ ] CoolSpeech has a sister product TextSound, which specializes in enhanced capabilities to batch convert text files into audio files, for users who need to produce spoken audio files in large volumes. See also [ ] • • References [ ].

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