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    Create Wedding Photo Album

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    Sparked by the below question posed by a MSW reader, we've rounded up our favorite—and most trusted—sources for printing your wedding photos, from the most hands-off (and as to be expected, most expensive) to the most hands-on (and cheapest). No matter your printing method, aim to order your book within six months of the celebration, when your emotions are still fresh, but you're far enough removed to be critical of which selects should make the final cut. And if you find yourself feeling some sticker shock, remember that you're creating a custom keepsake that will last for years to come—and that's truly priceless. I love my wedding photos, but I'm not sure I can afford my photographer's prices for an album. What are some good options for putting one together myself?

    Create Wedding Photo Album

    Create stunning wedding albums and wedding photo books. Printed on archival quality layflat photo papers which produces amazing colors and clarity. Top Tip: Some couples order their main wedding photo album from their wedding photographer. The Best Wedding Photo Albums for Every Budget. Top Tip: Some couples order their main wedding photo album from their wedding photographer. The Best Wedding Photo Albums for Every Budget. Create a wedding photo album for your big day. Choose from custom layouts, unique designs, and multiple sizes.

    – Jane, via email •. When budgeting for your wedding album, refer to your photographer's contract to calculate what you'll owe for the digital prints, if anything (the price might have been built in to your initial quote). The cost of each, and the number available to you for purchase, will likely dictate what route you take for designing your wedding album. In other words, the costs that follow are just one piece of the price puzzle. Additionally, if you're creating a photo album through a source other than your photographer, then don't write off scanning Instagram and Facebook for candid shots to add to the lineup.

    And thirdly, familiarize yourself with common printing methods and binding techniques before signing any dotted lines, or at the very least, ask for samples. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with the quality of the finished product. One phrase to add to your vocabulary from the start is 'layflat,' whereby individual pages are bound together on one edge with special adhesive, then encased with a hardcover spine, allowing each spread to stay flat without creasing the hardcover spine when flipped through. Outlast more. When used in sentence: 'Brides should buy layflat wedding albums.' Now, click through to check out some of our favorite sources for wedding albums.

    Before you write off your photographer's album outright, see if he or she offers different pricing options. Then, consider the benefits of a professionally designed book. While the tab can reach upward of $1,500, the end result is worth it, says New York–based photographer Christian Oth: 'It's an heirloom that will be passed down, and a pro knows how to create an outstanding visual story, from aligning margins and spacing to retouching and tweaking the layout.' It's also the easiest, quickest way to get a gorgeous album. For an idea of how your pro-designed wedding album might look, click through samples on the following album companies' websites: (shown),, and. Top wedding photographers often source books from these craft companies when designing albums for clients. For a little more money, but less effort on your end, commission a business like to cull, edit, crop, and lay out your photos in a hardcover-bound book.

    After uploading all of your photos online or sending them by mail on a jump drive, the service takes over from there. The company sends digital proof after digital proof to you for tweaks, comments, adjustments—and ultimately approval—before printing and binding the finished product, a process that typically takes four to six weeks total. Cost: Two options available priced at $270 (for the 'signature album' shown) and $420 that run up to 120 pages. The prices include shipping.

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