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    ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Eye Color Changer Makeup. Download Eye Color Changer Makeup and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Eye color is an inherited trait influenced by more than one gene. These genes are sought using associations to small changes in the genes themselves and in neighboring genes.

    Overall Strength: ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Possible Colour Change: ■ ■ ■ ​Introducing Version 2.0 of our color changing eyedrops. OptiMSM®, more active ingredients, no buffers. Cucumber extract and Hyaluronic acid. Naturally balanced and preserved.

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    Stay Private and Protected with the Best Firefox Security Extensions The Best Video Software for Windows The 3 Free Microsoft Office Photo Editor Alternatives Get the. Eye Color Change Introduction: Have you ever wanted to see what you look like with different color eyes. Well this is the Photoshop tutorial for you.

    This is LightEyez Premium Range, where we use specially sourced ingredients to get you the eye colour you deserve: This product is a Dual-use High Strength Eye Lightener / mild strength Colour Changing Eye Drop. Using both Jarrah and Manuka Honeys in Synergy, affords a solution 10x as strong as our Original Lightening Drop, (whilst still being 100% safe and soothing on the eyes). ORGANIC JARRAH HONEY FROM AUSTRALIA (Active, High TA): affords a multi-layered approach to changing eye colour. Due to its natural active state and extra high hydrogen peroxide level + THE PUREST RAW, ORGANIC, ACTIVE MANUKA HONEY (UMF 20+, MGO 550+), with Bearberry Fruit: Using high quality, raw, active Manuka honey contributes to the breakdown and removal of Melanin. In addition, it chemical properties yields powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial action, making it especially effective for eye use and for overall eye health. + HYALURONIC ACID: moisturizes and balances throughout the lightening process. For the quickest and the most pronounced eye color change through Lightening.

    Ideal for Medium to medium/dark coloured eyes and all skin tones. ​ • Stored in a one of a kind airtight and leakproof black bottle. • The special Design Prevents all UV and Visible Light from Entering, maintaining the integrity of the Manuka Honey Complex and maximizing the Lightening action on the eye. • (0.5oz/15ml) ​ Scroll down for more information Tags: Eye Color changer / Eye lightener / Color changing Eyedrop. ​ If used as directed, our eye-drops will naturally lighten the color and appearance of your eyes within three months and the effect is further pronounced with continued use.

    ​ ​ Whats in it? This product contains a patent-pending raw organic honey complex, specifically developed for eye use. ​Sterile water and sodiu m; allow the drop s work to work in equilibrium with your body, ensuring they can be applied to even the most sensitive of eyes. With the addition of Arbutin, we are able to inhibit tyrosinase, thus preventing future formation of melanin. ​ ​. The end result is you get new eye color based on the amount of lower levels of melanin thats is now reaching the front of your iris. ​ By inhibiting the expression of Melanin, you increase the color expression of lighter tones, (such as greens, blues, hazels and light honey shades) and the overall lightness of your eyes.

    Eventually, with continued use, you will not only reduce the amount of Melanin overall, but prevent any more from being produced. Bringing forth your naturally new, Lighter Eyes.

    Why did we choose these ingredients? • Hydrogen peroxide is found in all honeys.

    But is most abundant in Raw, Organic Honey, like Australian Jarah Honey. This activity is triggered by an enzyme found in honey, glucose oxidase. It was initially added by the bees to the pollen; to turn it into honey. This enzyme breaks the glucose down into gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. • It is a natural disinfectant and antimicrobial/bacterial agent used in our ancient medicine. Unfortunately, it is unstable in the presence of air and light and this makes it difficult to store and use. Yet, in honey, it is stable and released little by little.

    This makes it ideal to use within our eyedrops, since it is both naturally antimicorbial and as it releases hydrogen peroxide, slowly over-time, and as we know that hydrogen peroxide inhibits Melanin, (which gives eyes their darker pigments). • With the addition of Arbutin, we are able to inhibit tyrosinase, thus preventing future formation of melanin.

    Game Maker. Eye Color Changer – Virtually Try On Color Contacts Here Have you ever wanted to change your eye color or see what you would look like with different colored eyes? How would people see and treat you differently? How would you see and treat yourself?

    It’s amazing how a simple color can change the way others see you and the way you perceive yourself. More than perception, eye color is also a statement and can be a choice. Why not match your favorite blue shirt with your favorite pair of blue contacts? One step ahead of your friends, color contacts give you that style edge that other people are looking for but can’t quite articulate until they see it. You can look exotic, match your eyes to your clothes, wear a natural color you have always wanted, and more. Have fun trying on the different colors, and comment your pictures below – I will help you choose my favorite. Don’t forget to share your pics on social media and encourage your friends to try – it is more fun when you get to share with others.

    If you’re on mobile – sorry! It is likely the eye color changer won’t work on your phone, so you’ll have to head over to a desktop computer to play around with the virtual try-on feature. However, you can still watch this quick 60 second color contact video overview, which should give you a good idea of what your favorite color will be.