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    Find Duplicate Pictures For

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    With this duplicate photo finder you will be able to find duplicate photos and similar images by comparing actual image content. The Best Duplicate File Finder for. Music Edition are specially designed to clean up your photo and music collections. Of finding duplicate.

    Corder asked me to recommend a program to help him find duplicate photos. [Email your tech questions to or post them on the.] Duplicate files of all types can be a problem, especially if you're running low on disk space. But duplicate photos bring their own challenges. Because of how we take and handle digital pictures, we tend to end up with multiple versions of the same photos, as well as separate but near-identical images. For instance, your hard drive may contain an original, full-sized picture, and the smaller version you mailed to family.

    Or the original and the cropped one. And then there are light adjustments, conversions to black and white, and experiments with photo-editing tools. And let's not forget the near-identical pictures you take in your camera's burst mode.

    Find Duplicate Pictures ForFind Duplicate Pictures For

    If you're trying to slim down your Pictures library, you'll want to be able to find all of these and decide which ones to keep. I've tried a lot of duplicate file and photo finders over the years, and my current favorite--specifically for pictures--is the grandiosely-titled. It's free, simple, and it does a very good job of finding duplicates and not-quite duplicates. It also comes in both installable and portable versions. You can run a portable program directly, without installing it first, and even carry it with you on a flash drive. That way, you can help friends slim down their collections, too. After you load Awesome (I really hate that name), you simply drag your photo folders to the top part of the window, then click the big Start Search button.

    Find Duplicate Pictures ForFind Duplicate Pictures For

    It took about twelve minutes to search through the 8,651 pictures in my library, where it found 483 possible duplicates. Click for full image Click on a set of two images, and you'll see both pictures, side by side. In between them, the program gives you a similarity percentage. 100% means you've got, not two versions of the same photo, but two copies of the same file.

    A low percentage usually means two similar photos, likely shot in the same location seconds apart. I found Awesome able to recognize matched photos of different sizes, as well as ones where I'd adjusted the lighting or converted to black and white. Adobe Flash Professional Full Version on this page. It also found slightly cropped photos, but not heavily cropped ones. Under each displayed picture, you'll find the file type, the resolution, and the file size. It doesn't show the file's location, but you can get that by either clicking the folder icon, or looking at the list of files below the picture.

    You can probably guess what to do with the garbage can icon.

    Advertisement If you are a quick fingered photo-snapper or a wallpaper junkie then the thousand of images on your hard drive could be a treasure hoard. But scattered among them could also be a few hundred duplicate images eating up space on your hard drive. Even worse, un-optimized raw images could be eating up chunks of bytes and can be officially called junk. So, how do we go about covering up our laziness and cleaning up our image folders? With some free software of course! Here’s a list of 5 software apps (in no relative order of merit) that can find duplicate image files.

    Dup Detector requires that all images be in one folder. After that it starts with its job by comparing pixel data for each image. It records it all in a data file and finds duplicate images by comparing the closeness of the pixel data. The software starts off by displaying a four tabbed interface – Method, Get Data, Find Dups and View Dups. The ‘Method’ tab gives you the option to find duplicates in a single photo collection, between two collections or just compare a single image to all images in a collection.

    ‘Get Data’ enables you to open an existing data file (i. Front Page Program. e. A list of images) or build a new data file. The ‘Find Dups’ tab is where you can play around with the matching criteria like percentage match, colour and luminance.