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    Incridimail Average ratng: 7,8/10 471votes

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    IncrediMail is a powerful, easy to use, feature-rich, and fun email program. Better and smarter than ever before, IncrediMail includes features such as a. IncrediMail crashes, blurts out error messages or won't download new mail? Contact IncrediMail support to get help with all IncrediMail issues.

    Released: Size: 7.99 MB Downloads: 34,949 Rating: Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses Select Version of IncrediMail to Download for FREE! IncrediMail Description IncrediMail is an e-mail client which produces multimedia e-mail.

    Its free ad-supported version is available for download at its website. The paid version, IncrediMail Premium, removes its advertisements. The product is intended to be user-friendly, and it employs a Graphical User Interface and multiple templates. The program offers both audio and video embedding in e-mail messages. IncrediMail-authored e-mails do not require the program to exist on recipient machines, but the e-mail servers do need to enable the IncrediMail formats.


    Some people think the program would increases message sizes (and consequently download times for recipients) and uses more bandwidth than text-only or HTML mail. But if you are willing to have a look at the preferences you can switch it to sending plain text messages, which are by very nature the same size with every program. Real Player Com on this page. Description courtesy of.

    Besides this graphical richness, IncrediMail remains a simple email client. Dreamcoder For Mysql Enterprise Ware there. You can easily set it up to work with popular email services like, Mail,,, sort messages in folders and search your email with advanced filters. Special effects in IncrediMail are not limited to email: when you start composing a new message you’ll hear the typical typewriter sound effects, and when you get a new email you’ll be notified with an animated 3D character – which you can choose from a dozen of them. Another element you’ll have to put up with in IncrediMail, unfortunately, is an incredible amount of ads and banners encouraging you to upgrade to the Premium version. On the developer's website, you will find support to help you solve any problem you may have. IncrediMail is the perfect email client for emoticon lovers. If you prefer your email to be in plain text, you’d better stay away from this one.

    If you are looking for alternatives, we recommend you to try. Author's review. The basic version of the IncrediMail email program, offered free of charge, provides private Internet users with a state of the art email program that places the emphasis on a fun, high quality, multimedia experience. IncrediMail goes way beyond the standard capabilities of email and offers many more features such as email backgrounds, Emoticons, Notifiers, Handwritten signature, 3D effects, etc. Users can download 1000’s of these content directly into their email program from IncrediMail’s ever-growing Online Gallery. All IncrediMail products are currently being offered in 9 languages and adds a new dimension to your e-mailing experience.

    By Anonymous Incredimail 2. My e-mail will not display any images. There is a bar at the top of many of the messages that is. Incredimail 2. My e-mail will not display any images. There is a bar at the top of many of the messages that is SUPPOSED to give you the option of accepting or blocking images. It only displays Block the images.

    Pros: The letter backgrounds, smileys, and a bunch more that is difficult to part with. Cons: There is no tech support.

    My first contact had me repeating time after time the same tests. The next Tech(?) didn't have a clue about the program. It seems that Incredimail has gotten rid of all their techs and are only hiring McDonald's drop outs. Maybe the XE version will work.

    Reviewed on July 4, 2012 • • Articles about IncrediMail 2.