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    Microsoft Forntpage

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    Microsoft Forntpage

    Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Windows only) While this is not a direct replacement for Frontpage, Microsoft Expression Web is what Microsoft released after Frontpage was. FrontPage 2003 provides the features, flexibility, and functionality to help you build better Web sites. PSP Video Converter. It includes the professional design, authoring, data.

    Component What is it? How is it used? Top P2p Software. What does it require? Hit Counter The hit counter component will track the number of visitors to a web site through a graphical counter.

    Microsoft Frontpage
    Microsoft Frontpage 2010

    This component is typically used on homepages to display the number of visitors to that page. Hit counters are not always a good way of measuring traffic, as the hit counter counts how many times the page has been shown (page views).

    The Hit Counter requires FrontPage Server Extensions running on the server to function. Advertising Banner This component will create an ad banner rotator with images you choose. You can also specify transitions between graphics.

    Ad banners are usually used to generate revenue. They can however, be used to rotate many images to create a 'Slide Show' type effect. The Advertising Banner requires FrontPage Server Extensions running on the server to function. Animated Buttons This component uses a Java applet to create buttons that respond to mouse-over movement. These buttons can be used just as regular hyperlinks are. They are typically used in navigation bars.

    Be aware that not all browsers (especially older browsers) support Java applets. Animated Buttons only require that the web browser your visitors are using can support Java applets. Table of Contents The Table of Contents component will automatically create a page with hyperlinks to each page on your site. The table of contents is set up in a 'tree' format.

    The Table of Contents can be used as a 'site map'. It will list links to each of the pages on your web site. It is not useful on large sites, as the page will become extremely long. The Table of Contents Component requires FrontPage Server Extensions running on the server to function.

    Marquees A marquee is text that scrolls across the screen. The marquee is used when you need to draw attention to a certain point. The marquee can be accomplished through Pure HTML; FrontPage Components are not the only way to create a Marquee. Marquees require the visitor's browser to support marquees. FrontPage Extensions are not required. Include Page The Include Page Component will include a page into another page. Include Pages are probably one of the most useful components in FrontPage.

    They can be useful when you need to include content from another page into another page. When the 'included page' is modified, the page with the include page component is automatically updated. The Include Page Component does not require FrontPage Server Extensions on the server to function. Scheduled Pictures This component will include an image into a page for a certain time. After that time is up, the picture will be replaced with another.

    Scheduled Pictures can be used when you have a limited time offer or you want to add variety to your pages. Scheduled Pictures require FrontPage Server Extensions on the server to function.

    Scheduled Include Pages The Scheduled Include Pages component allows you to include a page into another page for a certain amount of time. (Similar to the Scheduled Pictures Component) This component is usually used when you want to include content for a certain amount of time. This is helpful when including information on a promotional offer for a certain amount of time.

    The Scheduled Include Page component requires FrontPage Server Extensions on the server to function. Search Form The Search Form Component lets you have an easy way to allow your visitors to search your site. You can use this component to create a simple search engine for your site. Please Note: The FrontPage Search Engine is not helpful for large sites.

    If you have a large site or want a more advanced solution, try using a CGI or ASP script. The Search Form Component requires FrontPage Server Extensions on the server to function.

    Enhancements to Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 • • 12 minutes to read In this article Martin WP Reid February 2004 Applies to: Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003 Microsoft Office SharePoint™ Portal Server 2003 Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Products and Technologies Summary: Read an overview that outlines the changes to Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 including new XML support, further support for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, plus enhanced object support and more. Learn about new security features and deployment options. (11 printed pages) Contents Introduction What's New and Exciting? Working with Code XML Support in FrontPage Object Support for Other Features Implementing Security in FrontPage Applications Other Enhancements to FrontPage Conclusion Introduction Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003 offers significant changes from previous releases, meeting and exceeding the standard expected for working with Web sites. Once considered the tool for casual Web site creators, the latest version of FrontPage evolves into one of the leading Web site design and development tools on the market today. This document provides an overview of the new features specifically aimed at the development community. In addition to the changes within FrontPage 2003, this document also explores the interaction of FrontPage with Microsoft SharePoint™ Products and Technologies.

    It is while using FrontPage with SharePoint Products and Technologies that you see some of the more enhanced features, such as building XML data-driven Web pages. Note is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

    The information in this article that applies to Windows SharePoint Services also applies to Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, which is built on the Windows SharePoint Services platform. The latest version of FrontPage adds new tools, yet much seems familiar.

    FrontPage streamlines the interface and all the familiar menu items are still available. FrontPage still provides many wizards and templates; you can still use the Database wizards and themes are available but improved.

    FrontPage also continues to use standard Office and Windows dialog boxes for many things, such as text formatting. What's New and Exciting? Topping the list of new and exciting features are data-driven Web sites, available when working with SharePoint Products and Technologies, and XSLT WYSIWYG formatting. FrontPage is the first WYSIWYG XSLT-authoring tool in existence. FrontPage provides native support for classic Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET, as well as a new link into Oracle databases (OLE DB providers must be available on the server for Oracle and DB2 data stores). New design tools, including Table Layout mode, themes for cascading style sheets, and dynamic Web templates, all help to improve the development experience. With this release, Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions is no longer emphasized.