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    S3.Google Translator For Firefox

    S3.Google Translator For Firefox Average ratng: 8,6/10 9443votes

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    If this only occurs when that extension is enabled, I suggest complaining to the developer for a fix. There is a support thread on a different forum ([or you can use the developer's email address listed on the Add-ons site. Otherwise, we might be able to suggest a few tricks to override its behavior, but since that would require installing and using the extension, and it seems to cause so many problems, I don't know that any volunteers will sign up for that! Reyal Playar here.

    Details of 3 best Translator Addon for Firefox Displaying Translated Text on Same Page and methods to use. Best Translator Addon for Firefox 1. S3.Google Translator. There is no argument that Google Chrome has led from the front in. S3 Google Translator is the Firefox Add-on that using the Google Translate service to provide.

    I checked your URL in your browser it shows 400 Error. It means illegal request. Try this URL. '; echo 'Translation: '.

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