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    Whatsapp For Mac

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    Whatsapp For Mac

    Whatsapp For PC Free Downloads and Tutorials, This guide will show you how to install Whatsapp on your computer desktop, Windows 7 Windows 8 or Mac. Whatsapp For PC Free Downloads and Tutorials, This guide will show you how to install Whatsapp on your computer desktop, Windows 7 Windows 8 or Mac. Install WhatsApp on your iMac or MacBook with Mac OS X If you have a computer or notebook running Mac OS X, then we need a special version of our emulation program specifically made for Mac OS X.

    Whatsapp For Mac
    Whatsapp For Mac

    Editor’s Note: This version of the app itself is not enormously prominent with very fewer new features to present like, to stay updated with the contact’s status and a more robust interface. Nevertheless, it has made the communication and socializing just a few taps away. However, the app has network data charges in the dearth of WiFi signals, being the only straw. Approximating WhatsApp application, this version adds a free and personal program.

    The experience with the fresher release manifests a pretty quicker UI based operations while dealing with the options accessible. WebForPC.Com discourages the reproduction, duplication, and distribution of copyrighted content. WhatsApp For Mac (0.2.8505): Product’s Review: Technical Details. Nomenclature: WhatsApp For Mac.. Genre: Messengers.. Updated On: 20th Of March, 2018.. Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.. Operating System: Windows 10/8/7.. License: Freeware.. Setup Size: 130 MB. A review of the dominant socializing app: Whatsapp is a mobile messaging app now available for Mac’s, this social media application has been around relatively for a year or more, completely free of cost and a piece of cake.

    The software is made for MacOS X 10.6 or higher. The newer version of the application is genuinely expressive and responsive for the desktop usage, enabling the enjoyer to use short-keys. Entirely supported on web browsers like Firefox and opera. Alas, it demands an internet connection to run the show. With WhatsApp for Mac, you can text friends and family residing abroad without any undisclosed charges; howbeit the data charges will be implemented in the absence of wifi signals. The most notable headway by the version 0.2.8505 is, the status of the contacts can be checked with a separate Window, further that It is convenient and can be controlled by the smartphone.Whereas, if the cellular phone is not connected to the internet, the desktop version won’t work either.

    If you have left it logged in on your office systems, without flinching or being terror-stricken, log off all the devices using the cellphone. It is a safe and secure program with even more robust security features brought through the latest release. With End-to-End encryption enabled, nobody has access to text messages or calls, not even WhatsApp! PROS • A Freebie Program. • End-to-End Encryption. • Shares Multimedia Quickly. • Required No Login/Pass Code.

    • QR Code Processes in Seconds. CON S • No Voice & Video Calls. • You Can’t Update Status. Besides, the inclusion of the option to check the status updates by the contacts, the users are free to share PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, photos, videos and much more with ease even if the internet connection is slow. To use WhatsApp on PC, it is compulsory to have a Whatsapp application installed on your cell phone beforehand. As soon as you install it on your Windows or Mac OS it generates a QR code for you to scan and in a split second, it connects the user with contacts through the computer system.

    There is an option to log off automatically in case of inactivity.The user can email the chats, being commodious it has made the synchronization process cinch; conversations can be saved. With Whatsapp PC version, one can share documents with 256 connections at the same time in a group.

    It is a blessing in disguise when you are at work, and access to the mobile phone is restricted, while you are overloaded with responsibilities at work mute the conversations to avoid the agitation. There are no continuous pop-up notifications from the application when the text messages are received. Windows Media Players 10 more. The notification is positioned down in the taskbar and can be accessed at your convenience. Screenshots: WhatsApp For Mac (0.2.8505): Product’s Salient Features: • Easy to use and access to the PC version is just a scan away • No hidden charges cost less for international calls and texts • Automatically connects with contacts • Share locations and multimedia even on sluggish internet connections and save them on the computer. • Email chats or backup the chat history • Customize chat box with desired wallpapers. • Protected, secure and personal, choose log off automatically after inactivity. • Requires Windows 8 or higher.

    • Uses built-in camera to share the beautiful moments in a jiffy. • Messages are saved while the user is offline and available to read as soon as an internet connection is available. Download WhatsApp For Mac (0.2.8505): Download the offline setup installer for WhatsApp for Mac version 0.2.8505 (for both 32 and 64-Bit system architectures), here. WhatsApp Setup For Mac.

    Last Updated: October 19, 2017 is finally available and now it’s easy to run WhatsApp on Mac for free including on Yosemite and El Capitan. On May 11th 2016, WhatsApp released the long awaited desktop client for Mac and although you could already use the, the desktop app is better because it has more support for desktop notifications and better keyboard shortcuts. Most importantly for iPhone users, the new WhatsApp for Mac desktop client also syncs messages with WhatsApp for iPhone whereas the web app doesn’t. How To Download & Install WhatsApp For Mac It’s easy to download and install WhatsApp for Mac for free. Just or by going here to the.

    When you’ve downloaded and unzipped the file, just double click to install the client on your Mac and drag it into your Applications folder. When you open the app, you need to scan the QR code with your phone in order to sync your mobile with the desktop app. When you’ve done this, you can start using WhatsApp on your OS X desktop.

    All messages that you send with WhatsApp for Mac are synced with your phone and vice versa. Some of the advantages of the new desktop client include keyboard shortcuts such as CMD + Shift + M to mute a conversation and CMD + Shift + U to change the read status of a message. You also don’t have to log back in every time you close your browser like you have to with the web app.

    Note that you cannot make voice calls from WhatsApp for Mac. How To Use WhatsApp Web On Mac The web version of WhatsApp was released in early 2015 and was the first time Mac users could use WhatsApp via Google Chrome with one drawback. The web version of WhatsApp does not work with iPhones due to “platform limitations” with Google Chrome (that’s basically Google/Apple talk for “we don’t like each other much”). It only works with Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones.

    However, if you don’t want to install the desktop version on your Mac, the web version works in your browser and requires no download or installation. Here’s how to use it on Mac: • on your mobile device to the latest version. This is very important, otherwise, the web version will not work with it. • Make sure you’ve installed the on your Mac. Open it and go to the following address:. You will see the following page with a QR code on the screen.